February 24, 2012


"The idea of wilderness needs no defense. It only needs more defenders." 
                                               - Edward Abbey

America's Wilderness Areas on Google Maps

National Wilderness Preservation System Map

The USA has 756 National Wilderness areas that are designated for preservation in their natural condition. In these wilderness areas activities are restricted to non-motorized recreation (such as hiking and fishing ), scientific research, and other non-invasive activities.

Wllderness.net has created this Google Map of America's National Wilderness areas. It is possible to search the map by state and by name. If you click on a shaded polygon an information window displays more details about the selected Wilderness Area.

The Wilderness Areas are color-coded to show which authority that they are managed by. The map includes labels for each area that appear when you zoom in.


List Wilderness Areas by Location

To find a wilderness area by location, select a state below to list areas by state or use the map. To find a wilderness area by name, use the A to Z list. To find a wilderness area by characteristics, use the data search

On 3/30/09 President Obama signed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (Public law 111-11) into law. This law designated 52 new wilderness areas and added acreage to 26 existing areas, a total addition to the NWPS of over 2 million acres. All these new areas are now pictured on Wilderness.net's maps. You can also view a list of all areas affected by Public Law 111-11 with links to more information about them.

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