February 19, 2012

Katahdin in Winter - Baxter and Hamlin Peaks

Climbing  Mt Katahdin in winter has been a dream of mine for years. Something about Maine's highest peak in winter has always fascinated me.

On February 24th 2008 the dream became a reality as  Phil Schlosser, Mark Rolerson, Mark Lowell and I set off from Abol Bridge at 5:30am on ski's.

Our route would take us up Abol Slide and across the Tableland to include both Baxter and Hamlin peaks.

We lucked out weather wise with blue skies, temps in the upper teens / low 20's, and only 20-25 mph winds above treeline. Round trip it took us 13.5 hours to cover approx 21 miles with 6000 feet of elevation gain... an epic day!

Pig Pen, and Markie Mark
Mark L
Easy skiing for the first few miles...
with occasional views along the way.

Our first stop was at Abol Campground...
where we changed over to snowshoes.
We're getting closer to Katahdin!
Abol Slide where we change over to crampons.
Markie Mark and Mark L on Abol Slide below me,
and Pig Pen above me...
while I take a break...
and enjoy the view of Hamlin Ridge.
We continue our ascent of the slide...
with Pig Pen reaching the top first.
Heading across the Tableland towards Baxter Peak.
Looking back across the Tableland.
The Knife Edge.
Mark & Phil atop Baxter Peak!
Our next peak, Hamlin...
and I'm ready to go!

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