February 20, 2012

Garcelon Bog Conservation Area

The Garcelon Bog is owned by the City of Lewiston, and with a conservation easement held by Androscoggin Land Trust, protects over 100 acres of ecologically significant wetland in the heart of the second largest urban area in Maine It is a unique ecological feature in the City and contains a variety of natural habitat types including forested, open and emergent wetlands that support a wide variety of plant and animal species

There are two trails located within the Bog.

The Boardwalk Trail: 

Parking for the Boardwalk Trail 
is at the end of Russell Street.
The trail starts in a stand of mature white pine
and soon enters the bog on the boardwalk.
Along the boardwalk you'll find
 informational signs explaining this unique area.
The boardwalk trail ends 
in another large stand of white pine.

The Walking Trail runs between Jeannette Avenue and Warren Avenue:

The interior of Garcelon Bog is best explored in the winter when the ground is frozen. Both cross country skiing and snowshoeing allow access off trail through stands of mature pine. In the fall Bow Hunting is allowed so be sure to wear blaze orange. There are are also several Geocaches to be found in and around Garcelon Bog. Three of which where placed by the City of Lewiston.

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