April 18, 2012

1922 A.M.C. White Mountain Guide

It's a safe bet to say that probably every hiker in New England owns a copy of the Appalachian Mountain Club's "White Mountain Guide". It is the go-to guide book for hiking the trails and summits of the White Mountain National Forest and surrounding areas.

The Appalachian Mountain Club was founded in 1876 and published their first White Mountain Guide in 1907. It has been updated regularly over the years and is now in its 29th edition.

Thanks to Google Books, you can take a trip back to the past and view a digitized copy of the 1922 White Mountain Guide.

I find it fascinating to see how things have changed...

Below is the complete 1922 White Mountain Guide as digitized by Google Books:

1922 AMC White Mountain Guide online at Google Books.

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